Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm it! Here are my seven.

Jonah and Beth both tagged me for the seven random/weird things meme. Thanks! This is good, my exam today is done and I wanna get back to blogging. I feel like I already write here some of the weird things about me, but I'll try to cook up a few more.
  1. When I was little, I used to shave every morning. I would get really really jealous of my dad shaving, so he'd give me a plastic spoon and some shaving cream (the kind with an orange top that comes out as awesome turquoise gel and turns into creamy white foam when you rub it). I would stand next to him in the bathroom mirror and shave my face almost every day (except when I got out of bed too late, which yes, I was doing even at 5 or 6 years old). Kind of funny for someone who doesn't shave her legs or pits at all now. Or... maybe it makes perfect sense.
  2. I love thunderstorms.
  3. Sometimes when I have a really intense yawn or nose-blowing, I feel like I can breathe in air through my ears.
  4. I am kind of in love the idea of my body being pregnant. Not with the idea of having a kid, I really want nothing to do with having any kids right now (or possibly ever). Just the idea of my body being physically pregnant. This is the opposite of how most people feel I think - they want the kid without all the icky physical things about a pregnancy. And I am well aware of how ridiculous this may seem, especially considering the actual reality and the extra mental/emotional and physical burden that would come with a diabetic pregnancy. And I should know better, considering that what I do all day at work is review medical records of pregnancy, scary complications and all. And even scarier/more painful, labor and delivery records (can you say, episiotomy? how 'bout 2nd degree vaginal laceration? contractions at a pain level of 10 out of 10?). But that's why this is just a fantasy, and it's about the beauty and roundness and just the general physical idea of being pregnant.
  5. Speaking of being pregnant, people think I am all the time. I get people giving up seats for me on the train for no apparent reason except that they are looking at my belly and smiling sweetly at me/it. I get asked about it my strangers and less socially conscious/inhibited family members (most recently, my grandmother and a cashier in a cafeteria). I wrote about it a long time ago - I just have a belly on me, which isn't that proportional to the rest of me I guess. Haha, or maybe my thoughts from #4 cause me to give off some kind of vibe?
  6. My ring finger is my favorite for checking blood sugar.
  7. I eat apples from the bottom up instead of around the sides. Since I eat more of the apple than most people, usually a little tiny core, it's the best way to go at it.
I'm tagging bsom, estrogenmoment, Claire, misscripchick, Liz, Kameron, FatlyYours, Jes, and Hannah. (yes, that's 9... see below how I feel about rules! or above, how I feel about decisions...) I don't know if all of you do memes, but it's worth a try.

Rules (but I'm all about bending/breaking 'em if ya want):

1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
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in search of balance said...

That shaving story is so cute!!

I had tubes in my ears (permanent in one ear, surgically replaced every year till I was 12), and still have tiny holes... so I actually can! I can also blow little bubbles out of my ear under water, which, although it was quite the party trick as a kid, has somewhat lost its appeal now that I'm 28.

I can never get any blood out of my ring finger. It's untouched real estate.

Fun list, thanks for sharing your 7 things!!

misscripchick said...

these are great and very interesting, especially the one about pregnancy. :)

i did this meme (does anyone know what meme stands for??) when i first started my blog, it's one of my favs.

Secret Buttseks said...


Maniacally Monday said...

4 and 6! 4 and 6!

I totally want to be pregnant but NEVER want to have babies. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I like to think that maybe I would have kids and give them to my friends. I would leave them with a message that said "I hear that you are feeling blue. Here's a baby, just for you." (My friend wanted my babies because i have curly hair.)

And 6. My ring finger is all kinds of holey. That's absolutely my favorite finger.

Bad Decision Maker said...

in search of balance - i had tons of ear infections when i was little and also not so-little (yay "uncontrolled" diabetes). i almost had tubes put in my ears when i was little but it never got quite that far. i was constantly taking those big nasty yellow chewable ammoxicilins, the ones that smell like pee. and oooh, the vampire diabetic in me would love to get my hands (or um, penlets/lancets) on some untouched ring fingers. mine bleed very well, but they are a little calloused.

misscripchick and secret buttsecks - thanks!

monday - yes. it is exciting to have company.

Jes H. said...

what is all this tagging stuff?? i'm so behind in the update blogging world....

Liz said...

Hey:) thanks for tagging me:)

I iked your shaving one:) I used to love to watch my grandpa shave.

How are things?

Anonymous said...

I use my middle finger to test. Prophetic, don't you think?