Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Avandia Cookies

So I looked at the label on my sugar-free cookies and was not happy to see that they're chock full of trans fats (the kind that are bad for your heart):

C'mon guys! If they can get the trans fats out of the glowing-neon-with-delicious-fake-cheezy-goodness Nacho Cheesier Doritos, they should be able to take them out of my sugar-free chocolate chip pecan cookies.

I'm calling them the Avandia cookies because they're good for the blood sugar, bad for the heart. Like the popular diabetes drug that has recently had attention called to it, they are maybe not so good for most diabetics if you look at the bigger picture because they may raise your risk of heart disease, which is the leading complication/cause of death among diabetics. And these cookies were clearly targeted at the diabetic market rather than low-carb dieters. You can tell by the package; dull and old-school rather than sexy and plastered with "LO CARB!" exclamations.

They sure were tasty though.


Jenny said...

A lot of foods that claim not to have transfat still do, alas. If you see "hydrogenated oil" in the list of ingerdients, they still have transfat. The law gives them some weasel room where if it's under a gram per portion they don't have to list it. But the portion is usually less than a real portion.

Also, by asking around I've learned that coffee shop pastries are FULL of high amounts of trans fat, even the ones that look all slick and natural.

stacey said...

"sugar-free chocolate chip pecan cookies"

sounds delicious... except for the whole trans fat thing. :-/

i love what the top of your blog says btw, "representing myself in titles overwhelms me but i sometimes talk about ... "

Big Noise said...

And if all the bad fats weren't bad enough... Sugar alcohol is sugar (you body does the same thing to sugar alcohol as it does sugar); but they can still advertise it as sugar free.

Jonah said...

I don't do sugar free because they raise my blood sugar more than sugar does.
I would be honored if you were to quote my post, and you can fix the typo too.